Brick Refinishing

At Upstyle Chique, we have a passion for design, renovation, and making old things new again. We take a lot of pride in our ability to find fresh, creative ways to upstyle the brick & stone features of your home to rejuvenate the appearance of your rooms or your exterior. 
Our team can give you free design ideas about what can be done with the brick and stone surface you have. Just give us a call, or text pictures of what you are dealing with, and we are happy to discuss your project. We can renovate your stone and brick areas in one day, with no demolition and no mess. And we are fully licensed and insured, so you know we are serious about our business. 
We love what we do, and seeing the faces of the clients we work with is our biggest joy. We consider our work to be artistry, and it's incredible to see what a difference we can make, taking dark stone/brick walls or features, and giving them an entirely new life, turning a drab fireplace or wall that you didn't love into a brand new feature you'll be proud to showcase. Our philosophy is that we don't leave until you love it. 
Give us a call, text, or DM us on our Facebook page. We look forward to working with you. 
Got Brick? Get Stain!
Brick Refinishing


If you have a stone or brick fireplace in your home that needs a little love, call the 3 Irish Ladies that make up the Chique Team! 

We have a very special technique that can transform your fireplace. Our finished projects are absolutely stunning, and they will change the whole feel of your room. We take your existing fireplace and give it a full makeover, using specialized products for brick, stone, and fireplace doors. Our renovations keep the landfills empty and give you a brand-new fireplace all in one day. Don't dump it, Upstyle Chique it!

We would love to see your pictures and give you free design ideas or a quote. 

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Outdoor Stone and Brick

We specialize in Curb Appeal. Brick and stone exteriors on your home can start to look dingy or dated over time. We can help!

 Brick staining for your home's exterior involves applying a specialized stain or dye to the surface of your brickwork to change its color and enhance its appearance. Upstyle Chique can refresh the look of older, faded, or discolored bricks without the need for replacement. This is an excellent option for homeowners who want to update their home's exterior appearance without completely renovating or replacing the bricks.

We use proprietary masonry stains and an exclusive process to permanently change the color of your exterior brick, block, stone, or mortar. This leaves a natural-looking finish that is maintenance free, and it won't bubble, chip, crack or peel like paint. You'll be amazed at what our simple process can do - the before and afters are amazing! 

We're just a call away. We'd love to give you a quote and make recommendations on how to get the best look for your home. 




Outdoor Stone and Brick

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