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The Irish Female Chique Team is here to here to help you transform the brick & stone areas of your home. We can tackle interior or exterior restoration projects of any size. We have a very special way of renewing the look of your brick and stone, and we don't leave until you love it.
We are fully licensed and insured, so when you hire us for your project, you know you are getting professionals. We are locally owned and we serve Pearl River NY, Westfield NJ, Greenwich CT and the surrounding communities. 
Upstyle your Home with Us 

She built it one brick at a time...

For this local entrepreneur, home and style are a family tradition. Inspired by her dad's furniture business back in Ireland, Cecelia takes us back to the beginning.

A quart of paint and a dream, that's how Upstyle Chique started. My father, Christy Mullen, was an antique and furniture dealer in Ireland. His success fed all 7 of us and we all helped out, so you could say it's in the blood. Fast forward to Pearl River, NY. After years of refinishing my own furniture pieces at home, I thought to myself... "I wonder if there is a market out there?" And off I went.

Brick, stone, and all-natural building materials are my passion, from staining outside fieldstone to indoor red brick. We keep the landfills empty and we totally transform your existing structures in one day with no demo and no mess.

Eight years later and three Irish women strong, we are still upstyling - one brick at a time. The quarantine has allowed most of us ample time to stare at our indoor and outdoor spaces and figure out which ones need to be updated. That's why my sisters and I come in and make the magic happen.

Got Brick? Get the Chique Team in!

She built it one brick at a time...

Got Brick?

Get the Chique Team in!

Home and Style are a family tradition. 
Upstyle Chique started with a quart of paint and a dream. I spent years refinishing my own furniture at home, and one day I wondered, "Is there a market out there for what I do?", and off I went! We are now going on more than 10 years in business, and my Irish Sisters and I are still upstyling, one brick at a time. You'll love the magic touch we bring to transforming your home. 
Brick, stone, and all-nature building materials are our passion. Our goal is to renew your existing structures with no mess and no demolition.
Please contact us for a free estimate or to discuss your design ideas. Quality, professionalism and always a good laugh with the Irish Chicks...

Call or text us at 917-705-1736 
Email upstylechique@gmail.com or DM
Got Brick?

Get the Chique Team in!
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